In the Run

In each of my vertebrae, I shall seek forgiveness
Under the tension of each muscle, obeying the force of befall 
I shall bend all the members of my body until they forget
I shall tend them until they join the lakes of lost abundance
My body listens 
My body awaits
It will hand over to me
It is an empty place
With both my hands, I shall bandage it in the clay of memory loss
I shall write amnesia on each tendon
The lightness of amnesia and its ability to survive the chaos
My whole body will emerge as the magnetic instrument of my remission
It is in the patient, naked foot folding on the sand matrix that I shall heal
The Achilles tendon on the qui vive
Me behind myself, forgiving it all
Me forgiving myself all
Even this plastic and radical effort to keep unabated
To keep unabated, every hour, just ahead of moaning
Moving as purely as possible
 Ostracizing being moved, to subsist me

May 2015