Second Skin


These are weddings without ceremony
Other than the absorbing quest for outpouring
The vitality of words

Endearing, fastened, supple, archived, hidden behind their passing shadows
Propels me beyond lightweight cruces
There, folds the fate
Conjures the aridity of arbitrary

The engagement was sweet and persistent
The granaries filled to the brim with unspeakable nuances, lights, whispers
I bury the fingers, touch their brutal and proud backbones

I declare my love without restraint to armfuls of words
Mutilated, paraplegic, panting under the intensity of my need
Becoming radiant in the evening

Glowing like lenient beacons in the absolute darkness of distresses
I declare without shuddering my indomitable love
Stronger than any ever

A Love born as the first drop of amniotoc fluid
Where no one ever came to moisten their lips

Armfuls of words
Thrilling, I feed myself on their vast harvest
I wallow in their germs and ripe possibles
Generous, renewed, faithful to infinity
Save me, save me
Under the unrestrained abundance of designations
For ever present, waiting, penetrating into my vacancy

Ready to reveal themselves shamelessly, joining me
One to one in our common immersion

The celebration is inexhaustible
Its echo is coating the still bleeding throats
Easily opens each artery where I swim in abundance
Writing survives me

There I seek headlong the volumes of what I ignore
A boundless form to strap down the chaos

May 2015