The dismay, the one that remains immovable, knocked in the center of a hidden meaning
Resides as the despotic prince it is in this universe without leading
It is above of, day after day, hour after hour, what always guarantees the surprise, the peace will never happen, never the world and its somersaults will grant me the grace

Despite the zealous years, the application to emerge unscathed from the dungeon crypts
And from the choke chains of allmighty tentacular governances
Never, never, never will come tranquility
The one that only can manifest itself in a release
Escaping the constant tension of the ordeal coiled in the stomach acid hollow

 The empire of industries is relentless, it's providence does not appreciate me much
Working with an almost insane talent on the path where I wait quietly, for the storms to finally calm down
It strikes of all its weight of beast on my skull to persuade me that I believe in miracles
And that it is a serious offense

It is done, I feel I have touched an edge hard to define, but that I acknowledge without hesitation as the one of my limits
Well, I throw in the sponge to the last Urubu, lower my arms, refuse the fight
Too many years in this body under the unbridled onslaught of bad lucks and low blows
Too many empty nothings, too many gorged mournings

And if I was still waiting for a protective shade against the fierce UV burning me from head to toe
Now I know, I know, an umbreageous center of the deserted arena, there is no
Solely a restricted node in the esophagus I must accommodate myself to disappear with
Saying to myself with a clear voice now that even if it means to be pointed with the finger of an exemplary misfortune
I might as well go cut off on my own while, incising me everywhere else
At least where I thought I was.

May 2015