The Love of Plumbing

Here it is, the only male's stuff I ever will understand
Screws to loosen,  nuts to wrap
Pipes, drains
Silent cheers and annoyances
Here they are, tools to handle to find out the order of things
Functions, mechanisms
Pumps, septic tanks

Haunted fuse boxes
Agonizing washing machines
Remote controls fallen into dementia
Joints, pipes
Material to command
Material to domesticate through sparks of insights

The breakdown, the sudden collapse

Through single life's unfathomable crystal ball
 Having to solve enigmas 
Didn't make me more clever
It irreparably riveted a few of my neurones
To building sites' sensuality
Without any sagacious Darling by my side
I might have felt more souvereign
Sweating buckets under my overalls
It mostly sealed my pride with pityless Philipps screwdrivers
The Sunday sink overflows and I crawl
Stubborn, up to the exhaustion

Do, undo, redo, reundo, reredo
Still dripping 
The plumbing isn't won over my toolbox faith yet.

June 2015