Where we are, or nearly
The reasons crushed in the steel grip of uncertainty
Tell me, would you hear me if I was pricking up my ear
The head bowed almost down to the floor, tell me
 Would you share my loss?
And that path impossible to trace
Would you help me to bypass it
To go towards unknown locations
And leave in the hole of the burning thoughts
 A fountain?

 Would you be the echo of my peace so badly battered
The one who knows he must remain silent
 And my questions acid and tensed like bows
Could I put them on your forehead?
 Could you mislead yourself in my company
 Back to back and one in the other
 To love this world as it rejects us
 Embracing it, encircling it in our dark knowledge
 Give ourselves to each other for everything that is strayed?

December 2015