Real estate

There would have been a vegetable garden
Small, humble and disappointments and surprises
Around the paths
There would have been hens, three
Each with a name
And feathers a little dull
They would have followed me
Like their shadow
I would have taught them to tell time
And to paint their eggs
There would have been gourmet furies
Refined digestions
The evening sounds would have been cushioned by the snow
There would have been almost sleepless nights
Saturated with disbelief
There would have been what I would have placed in the hands
Of your possibility
A difference
There would have been the certainty
That your words on the world
Would soothe my fever
That your distance a little frosty
Would offer to me the benefits of a vernal purgative
When the toxic effluvia of villainies choke

June 2016